The Sky is Falling

"The sky is falling"

That’s what it feels like when your company’s security is at risk

Whether it’s a virus destroying or stealing your data, a spam attack or a firewall breach, it boils down to one thing – security. Large or small, every business needs it. NETWORK 24 provides the end-to-end NETWORK security solutions that follow industry best-practices, policy and procedures.

A new security playbook

Business security is becoming a much bigger challenge

Does your data reside on remote server networks? Are employees using personal mobile devices to conduct business and connect to your systems? What about e-commerce vulnerabilities? In light of our rapidly evolving marketplace, business security must also adapt. NETWORK 24 takes a high-level approach to your business protection, providing a customized network security solution around your specific operations. From core perimeter protection to highly defined points of entry and end points, our multi-layered approach to network security is the offense and defense needed to help protect your company on a rapidly changing playing field.

Security technology—the antidote to insomnia

Security technology—the antidote to insomnia

Business break-ins often happen without a sound

It’s the midnight hacker attempting to find a back door to your network. A virus infiltrating your system. It can even be an innocent “oops!” - an employee who mistakenly opens an infected email. NETWORK 24 provides 24/7 remote monitoring of your computers and servers that can detect and prevent most malicious intrusion such as ransomware and basic human error that can adversely impact your business. This service provides ongoing surveillance of your IT network to identify and fix security hazards. From identifying spyware and malware to the installation and management of software upgrades and patches, our remote monitoring services can give you back your nights.

Your backup plan

Catastrophic data loss has a devastating impact on businesses.

Although we cannot control the weather or turn a hacker into a model citizen, NETWORK 24 can implement a remote backup and data recovery plan to fortify your business in the face of adversity. If you do not have redundant systems or email archiving, give us a call. We will assess your business network security needs to determine if you have the right protection in place to recuperate from a disaster with minimal downtime.