Active Directory Migration

Microsoft Active Directory solution can help you simplify network administration tasks by maintaining a scalable central repository and multipurpose directory of all your information.

Active Directory can help reduce the burden of IT administration and increase user productivity. It minimises downtime by improving fault tolerance and provides peace of mind for management and IT managers by enhancing data security through the usage of built-in security policies. More so, it leverages the capabilities of active directory-enabled applications.

By creating a link between user accounts, mailbox accounts and applications, Active Directory solution will simplify the task of adding, modifying and deleting user accounts. In short, it provides a single destination to look for information.

NETWORK 24 specialises is delivering infrastructure solutions alongside access, business continuity and data management. You can be assured that in each area of specialisation, we have extensive knowledge, a pool of experts and use industry best practice in all our engagements.

How we can help you

  • Active Directory design and redesign
  • Active Directory Trusts
  • Active Directory consolidation
  • Active Directory cross forest migration
  • Active Directory health check, restructure and performance optimisation
  • Active Directory security and best practice