Mergers & Acquisitions

Without an adequate IT infrastructure, more than fifty per cent of mergers and acquisitions fail to reach their expected value. NETWORK 24 specialises in Active Directory, and Microsoft Exchange restructuring and migration. We offer a comprehensive platform and service to ensure the rapid integration of the infrastructure and data of merging companies.

The faster the two companies are able to integrate their functions, the greater the benefit of the merger. Although mergers and acquisitions usually result in an expanded IT department, most organisations find that they do not have the skill set or experience required to combine two or more different IT systems. Effective consolidation of the underlying systems and data is a major success factor in reaping the desired results.

NETWORK 24 specialises in delivering infrastructure solutions alongside access, business continuity and data management. You can be assured that in each area of specialisation, we have extensive knowledge, a pool of experts and use industry best practice in all our engagements.

  • We quickly and easily implement complex integrations
  • NETWORK 24 streamlines operations to reduce frictional costs and inefficiencies due to lack of data integration
  • Our solutions increase infrastructure flexibility and overall business agility
  • We can work with your existing infrastructure and extend life of your current systems rather than replacing them
  • We reduce the cost of ownership of IT infrastructure management